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Budgeting and saving

I would love to hear from others about daily life

Such good points. I would love to hear from others about daily life and ways in which we all reduce our spending, stay in our budgets and maintain their budgets and still find ways to grow a savings.

I’ve had to make many adjustments due to gas prices, but am finding it’s not so bad. I started, a while back, a savings account with Capital One 360. It, or any online savings, is such a convenient way to save—-the money is drawn automatically from my bank account every payday. I’m not missing the money anymore, and have adjusted my budget around it.

I would love to hear from other members on their budgets and ideas for staying within them.

My biggest economic cutback was when I quit smoking. $200.00 a month wasn’t going to cigarettes!!

My house is filled with, except for the dining room light, Fluorescent bulbs. This cut my electric bill by about a third, and many of the newer ones look like ‘normal’ lighting.

We updated our furnace to a forced air heater in 2000. a usual $110.00 Gas bill went right now to $28-40.00, and 60 in the winter.

I primarily use the microwave instead of the electric stove, with the exception of Pasta and stews, and that keeps the bill low too.

I buy plain clothes and can decorate them myself. 5 for $10.00 tee shirts become ’boutique’ with my paintbrush and a touch of glitter! I can sell one or two and ‘pay’ for them and the paint…

Cheap cuts of meat, de fatted and marinated overnight, makes for good eating.

Couldn’t afford new flooring, so I stripped up all the carpeting, and PAINTED my slab floors, like they do in Lofts. Looks cool.

Thanks for the ideas! I’ve also found some shirts and jackets in thrift stores. use odd leftover bits of yarn to crochet or knit collars and cuffs. has great patterns and they’re free. Go to yard and rummage sales to pick up yarn cheap, just keep an eye out for moth damage. Have you tried putting the meat in a slow cooker or crock pot? After sitting 6 to 10 hours even the toughest, chewiest meat is cooked tender. For stew just use leftovers (potatoes, veggies, scraps of meat, can of condensed soup like vegetable without the water) and leave it on low all day.

My budget is pretty tight with living expenses and trying to pay off debts. Once a year I want a vacation, usually 4 days, to just get away from all my worries and to gather up the energy to keep going. So all year long I save my change in a jar. When the jar is full I turn in the coins for cash and stash it in my savings account. then once a year I pull out just the money I put in (leaving the intrest) and go somewhere away from home. A guy at work has a couple of rental cabins by a lake. He offers me a discounted rental because with the divorce and kids I don’t have a lot of money.

My mom works in a restaurant. She collects all the dollar coins and half dollars that show up plus lots of the regulars save theirs for her. A couple of weeks ago she cashed them in and got nearly $300 which covered her annual family reunion weekend.