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Budgeting and saving

It’s great you found a way to “get away from it all”

It’s great you found a way to “get away from it all”. It’s all about the little things that get us by!

When our children were smaller, (we now have teen-agers), we cut out fast food. Instead of going to McDonald’s, we made up a picnic and went to the park. (they were happy with peanut butter and jelly!) We spent hours there, and we all had a good time. There was more family bonding in the park than at McDonald’s where the kids just played by themselves in their little playland. AND, the kids LOVED it!

I would love to see how high Americans would pay. The only way you could do that is to jack up the price, though, as surveys would tell you nothing. I bet a lot of people would “say” they would not pay $5 a gallon but if it got that high, I’ll bet they would.

Frankly I would not mind paying $7 a gallon if it made people change there driving habits. Both in the amount they drive and what they drive and how often they look for alternatives to driving.

We live in the sticks and don’t have any choice but to pay it. There is no public transportation. We don’t even have a convenience store. I definately limit my trips to town. Now I have to need about 10 things before I’ll head to town, where it used to be 3 or 4. Even at $5, I would still have NO choice but to pay it.

You bet they’d pay it. I don’t even think driving habits would change very much. Americans will do anything for their cars. They’d give up the kids first.

I could not afford to pay $7. But you have a good point. One time on the news, a comment was made, reportedly by a gas company spokesperson, that as long as people did NOT change their habits and continued to drive as always, the prices would not go down. If we show we’re willing to pay it, and continue to drive the same, I guess they will assume we have no problem with it.

Yes but do they have public transportation? How many have even have cars? We as a socity have to have gas, to get to our jobs, our famlies, to function in society. It is a need. It may even be an addiction.

No we don’t need a 60K car to do this, but we live in a country that expects you to have a car, and drive. I’m happy to see see that cars now are getting better fuel eco, hybrids(though you’ll pay more), but more needs to be done.

Oil had its time and place, its time to move on. I’ll step off my soap box.