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There are several places you can go

There are several places you can go to find out when an extended warranty is worth it and when it is not. Consumer Reports magazine put out a listing earlier this year – I think April or May. Also, Clark Howard – a syndicated radio consumer advocate has info on his website These 2 come to mind right away.

Both strongly recommend it on most computer types of devices, Laptops especially, PCs if bought from manufacturer, etc. All discourage buying it from a store because the mark-up is typically outrages.

They typically do not recommend it on autos, but I did not follow that because I put 30k plus a year. That is why I did the 7 years, 100k. It has already paid for itself.

Signing up for college classes is a great way to ger real cheap software. I also teach college part time so that gives me access to cheap software.

If someone wanted to learn some software on the cheap, one could sign up for a class or two at your community college, get software for as much as 80% off in some cases and then pick up a book at the library to learn some new software.