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Nobody is blaming credit card companies for getting people into debt

if you would only read the posts and get off the one-trick pony. NOBODY—I REPEAT—-NOBODY IS BLAMING CREDIT CARD COMPANIES FOR GETTING PEOPLE INTO DEBT.

I’ve never blamed them for my debts at any time—–nor had anyone else on the board. Since this is a debt control group—-we’re not out of line by “complaining” about the credit card companies’ ways of doing business. It is crucial to debtors all over the world to be aware, so that they use wisdom when making credit decisions.

Where are you getting your stale idea that we’re saying credit cards are to blame for debt?

There’s nothing—absolutely nothing—-wrong with those of us who feel the way we do about the credit card companies to try to promote awareness before taking on credit card debt. So many people may not be aware. But you keep drowning out that message with your continuous, broken record “pep talk”, telling us that we are responsible for our own debts. WE KNOW THAT.

Oh, bless your heart. After all the posts, you are STILL misunderstanding and hanging on to your opinion that those of us who rally for credit card reform are trying to blame anybody else for credit card debt.
Kannette—–it is a well known fact that the credit card companies pay very well to have their practices “overlooked” by the government. There is a massive petition under way to Congress to stop this, because it is in the PEOPLE’S best interest to do so.
Please—-if you don’t understand what you’re reading, and stay stuck in whatever gear you’re in—-then stop criticizing with comments that show that you are NOT able to comprehend what you read.
Like I said earlier—-you have the right to refuse drugs if you are offered them. WE all do. But that does not mean the drug dealers and pushers still should not be held responsible for their part in the problem. Same with the credit card industry.

It’s no use trying to make the point—-it’s lost on you. You’re unfortunately stuck in never-never land where you mind your own business and pay your own debts and hope believe the big, bad wolf can’t blow your house down. Well, that’s fine. But the predatory wolves we’re talking about, if not harnessed, will continue to wield their power and it eventually will effect —– yes, even you.

You can’t seem to get enough of showing how misinformed and how very little of the posts you read. You can’t really be so blind. Kannette—-did it ever occur to you that credit cards could change terms in mid-stream, after many consumers had the cards for a while? The Universal Default which most of them subscribe to now, was not enforced until after many, many people had already been customers for some time. If you would ever read about the world around you, (or, hey, even read ANY posts) you’d see that is why so many honest, good rated customes went into default. Because the credit card company, using their NEW rule, looked into the person’s credit and saw that they had applied for credit somewhere else. And—ZAP—-they got hit with a much higher rate.

ARe you really so blind that you don’t realize that the cards may have changed their policies, without your consent, after you’d had the card for a while?

My idea of hell—–being held for eternity with you sitting there, repeating over and over, about credit being our responsiblity—–not the cc companies. And me, shouting, that’s not what we’re saying.

Read the posts. Please read them before you comment.

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Your post is not helpful

Once again, your post is not helpful. There is nothing here to give practical advice to deal with the debt other than the obvious: pay it off as best you can.

Well, I think the goal of everyone in this group is to find a way out of debt. And, the first step is taking responsibility for spending habits. Complaining about CC companies doesn’t provide individuals with ideas on how to get out of debt either. There are times when individuals just want to vent their frustrations. I imagine we are all frustrated and complain when the bill arrives, and when the check is being written. Unfortunately, the debt is still there regardless of how much we complain.

Many of you have been successful in reducing your interest rate when dealing with certain credit card companies. Members need to know how you succeeded. Others have posted how they’ve reduced their spending habits and used that money to pay off loans. Others have chosen to use reputable credit counseling services. Everyone’s situation is unique and it would be great if members could provide input as to how they are able to make it through the tough times, and their successes, while struggling to get out of debt.

The foundation of reducing debt is creating and maintaining a budget. A budget will help you find extra money, if there’s extra money available. If there’s not, maybe a part-time job is needed, or securing the services of a credit counseling service. You must research these companies. If you don’t, you could end up in a worse situation. Many people worry that their credit will suffer. If you are deep in debt, with over limit and late charges, then your credit has already suffered. They are able to lower interest rates and help you keep your head above water. If a reputable credit counseling service can’t help you, then chances are bankruptcy may be your only alternative. Unless, of course, you have a rich aunt or uncle.

There are many ways to reduce your grocery, clothing and entertainment expenses. There are books in the library that will give you tips on living on a dime. There’s one book many of my clients have read titled “Smart Cents, Creative Tips and Quips for Living the Skinflint Way. Skinflint: (n) A thrifty person who saves time and money by all means possible. Getting out of debt takes time, work and determination. Oh, and ALOT of patience. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is barely visible. But, on the flip side, the satisfaction of getting out of debt is priceless.