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Does your husband come from a family where he learned these spending habits? I can relate, because I was like that myself and ended up in major credit card debt. What was worse is I was married at the time to a man who was nearly as bad as I was with spending and had horrible money management skills, and he was a CPA. It was a nightmare.

Needless to say that marriage did not last very long.

When I met my second husband, he opened my eyes and point blank told me that if I did not get my financial life in order and start right away, there was no reason for us to continue a relationship. I’ve learned a lot and worked my way out of debt all on my own. It seems to be this way in a lot of marriages, where one person is a financial disaster and the other is constantly trying to keep up with all the bills. It seems as if the other person, only cares about themselves.

In a way -it’s very selfish. Have you both considered possibly going to some kind of counseling about the problem, because I’m sure it causes other issues in your marriage. If you’re better with managing money, then maybe you can be the “banker and accountant” in the family. Your husband can still help with major financial decisions, but it would be a together plan, not just him spending whatever he wants.

Both of you should have some kind of personal spending allowance each month, that you stick too. That’s the way my husband and I do it and he’s the accountant.

Can a large portion of his paycheck be direct-deposited into an account strictly just for household needed expenses? I’m wondering if he thinks that filing bankruptcy last year wasn’t a big deal. If he continues to spend the way he does, your family is heading down the same road again.

Let me know if I can help in anyway. I used to be an impulsive spender myself. The thing is I always had very GREAT justifications for everything I “needed”, because I grew up that way. It’s SO much better to be free of that thinking. I know he can’t see it, but living a life with financial planning is so much more free and happy. It’s really not a trap or box to be squeezed into. I know him better than you think.

Saving ideas

Another one down!

I paid off my home depot card on the 15th with hubby’s paycheck! thats 2 that i’ve paid off since last month! Within the next 2 months tops i’ll have another one gone:) This is feeling good!

Congratulations! Job well done! What a great feeling! There has been such inspiring news here today!

Speaking of TV’s I think they make them now to not last very long. In fact, I think much of what is manufactured is not made to last long. We had an old Gold Star brand TV for over twenty years ! It outlasted Sonys and other well known brands we have had. It was a great TV but it was very heavy.. not like these lihghtweight flat screen ones they sell now.

We live in a disposable world. It is cheaper to replace it than to fix it. For example, had a refrigerator, the compressor went bad, the part cost more than a new frig. Another, had a book light for reading in bed, the light bulb went out, couldn’t find the buld to fix it, and when I did it cost more than the light itself. Something is terribly wrong with that.

I know what you mean. Seems like products don’t stay on the market for very long at all anymore, making replacements so hard to get. Manufacturers keep replacing items with newer models all the time. In times past, manufacturers only made a few good models of things, and they seemed to endure. Like you said, it’s a disposable world. Good word for it.

On the flip side of this are the extended warranty that electronics stores try to sell. The warranty is usually about the replacement cost of the equipment.

When I bought my iBook back in 2003, I got the EPP from APPLE. It was $350.00 or thereabouts.

100 days before it’s due to expire, the logic board needed to be replaced. It is now like new and that Applecare paid for itself three times over approx, as the total for the repair and top plate and labor totaled $999.87!

Yes but how much was the Warranty? How much would a brand-new machine cost? Not only that but with a computer the technology is progressing so fast that a 900 dollar computer today will cost 300 in 2 years. So your 350 dollar apple was worth how much to replace it when it broke? That is the the true cost.

I’m still not convinced you should get extended warranties on disposable goods. I signed up for a college class and got the warranty much more cheaply that way. $189.00 instead of the full price. Worth it though.

I only have a newer computer because someone gave me such a gift! Otherwise, it would still be in my laptop bag and I’d still have to use it for another 3-5 years.

I don’t look at them as all that disposable.

And the laptop itself was over $1500.00. I ‘self’ insure a number of things, but not those *I* could not fix, I get some cover from the manufacturer.