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I’m trying my HARDEST to control spending

I’m trying my HARDEST to control spending, cut costs and start saving money. I filed bankruptcy over a year ago and that gave me the fresh start I needed. But despite my best efforts, my husband is an impromptu & frivilous spender. I cannot stay on top or get ahead to save my life.

Example: Despite the fact that we have a grill that doesn’t look the best and is older than the hills, it’s safe and it works. He just bought a $900 grill that he just had to have. He bought it not realizing it was gas, so then we had to pay to have a gas line run to it. I was able to get him to wait for about 4 weeks to get it. I was hoping he’d save a little with each check to offset the burden a little. But 4 weeks later, he was frustrated that he had no money and no grill. So he used his whole paycheck to just go get it.

This is probably the most expensive must have he’s done lately, but it forces me to have to pay all the bills, daycare and groceries, which leaves absolutely NO money to put in savings.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this kind of thing? Has anyone had any luck turning their significant other around?

Money is not for spending! It took me a long time to fully understand this profound truth: Money is not for spending.