Gift ideas

Get a whole load of family snaps and small videos

Get a whole load of family snaps and small videos. Park them all into a video program add favourite songs and such, then make a DVD of this for them. Digitalized .jpegs are good and small Mpeg-4s, but with a computer, we can do almost anything.

Or, if you’re not that into computers, and they aren’t, make a scrapbook of the family stuff. Birthday pics, events, past holidays and add locks of hair, tempera painted footprints etc… Put it all onto pretty pages and into a cute photo album binder.

Have you ever done paper mache? Some people automatically think “childs play” but alot of neat things can be made with paper mache, and you don’t need to be a great artist to create with it.

I have been doing paper mache for about 5 years.
I have sold items and gave many as gifts .

I mostly make dogs and cats now, but here is my old website addy where there are some simple bowls anyone could easily make.

You don’t need to even paint some. Decoupage them. It’s easy and you can go to the library and check out books on that and paper mache and learn more and get ideas. I am currently making a cat with a quilt pattern on. I am painting all the squares though. but a quilt look bowl would be cute and a grandma may like it.Somehow I always associute quilts with grandmas! LOL1 I am sure many younger people quilt though. It’s very popular.

You could also decoupage a bowl or other object in comic papers. I have seen dog figures decoupaged this way and they are really cute. My husband has a letter holder which is probably over 30 years old that was handmade and decoupaged with old stamps from all over the world. It is sealed with a thick glaze and is a very unique piece and will probably last another 30 years or more. There are many ideas one could come up with using paper mache and decoupage.

we have a large family at Thanksgiving we draw names and spend $10-$15 on a gift.i always make sure my kids share a gift for less fortunte families…i do not spend a ton of money on gifts because i believe anything you have is a gift.Last year we purchased all gifts with our christmas club money and when that money ran out we were done…